Digital Products & Virtualisation


Univ.-Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr. techn. Manfred Grafinger


Sébastian Bougain
Institut für Konstruktionswissenschaften und Technische Logistik

Area 1 focuses on the model-based representation of products and production systems. Model-based systems engineering enables the mastery of complexity in the field of mechatronic product development by semantically linking models from the definition of requirements to implementation with CAD/CAE and virtual commissioning methods. Production systems are planned, evaluated and compared from machine to factory level by means of simulations. This enables the traceability of product and process changes at all development levels. The goal of this approach is to map an optimized production system over the entire life cycle. This makes it possible to evaluate variants with a large number of parameters and to simulate production costs, production times, efficiencies and energy consumption in advance.