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Learn more about the CDP

    Welcome on the Homepage of the Austrain Center for Digital Production. The CDP serves the research and further development of digital, intelligent or “smart” product development processes, which are nowadays referred to as “Industry 4.0”. Founded in August 2017, the Comet Center for digital production is one of the leading research and development platforms in the field of flexible manufacturing automation, machine-to-machine communication and production networks. In addition to the relevant institutes of the Tu-Vienna, the scientific partners include international institutions such as the ETH Zurich and the Karlsruhe Institute for Technology. The circle of business partners comprises more than 40 well-known users and technology providers in the research areas of the center. As a test and development environment, at our location in the Aspern, the pilot Factory Industry 4.0 of the TU-Wien is at our disposal.

    M2M – Communication – Automated Shopfloors

    In collaboration with our partners, we develop solutions that enable:

    • Flexible, reconfigurable automation
    • Vertical integration
    • Interactive production planning
    • Comprehensive access to process data
    • Predictive quality assurance

    The “Pilot Factory” of the Vienna University of Technology enables testing and evaluation under realistic production conditions.


    Automated Design & Lot-size-1 Manifacturing

    By means of product virtualization, automated design, workshop connectivity and flexible automation, we develop solutions that enable the production of small lot sizes (up to 1) with the same quality and production costs as large series. Production examples of the TU Vienna “Pilot Factory” provide both a representative variety of products as well as the required environment.

    Data Driven Process Improvement

    Based on real-time data supply at both machine level and resource planning units, we develop solutions for:
    – Optimized, interactive production planning – Self-learning process optimization (on machine and planning level) – Resource consumption optimization – Predictive maintenance.
    By using sample data from typical manufacturing situations, the “Pilot Factory” allows rapid prototyping and demonstration of planning approaches.

    Dynamic Production Networks

    By providing solution concepts for intra- and interorganizational coordination of workflows, decentralized manufacturing can be made more reliable and efficient. In addition, these approaches enable the creation of virtual “bottom-up” factories through the individual bundling of (manufacturing) -technologically driven suppliers in a higher-value production network.